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Truck Car Park


That's why we offer products and services that serve YOU.

150+ Parking Lot

Nothing is worse than not being able to find a spot to shut down at night! We have a huge lot with plenty of space to stretch your wheels. Oversized loads always welcome!

Fully Stocked Driver Supplies

We listen! If we don't offer something you need, just ask! We are always looking to provide the best selection of products to our drivers.

7 Showers

We give all our drivers a FREE shower when they buy 75 gallons. Our stalls are cleaned thoroughly after each use, so you'll feel clean just by walking in!

ACME Power Wash

Time to hose off? Our power washing station is located within our diesel pump canopy. Prices starting at $69 - because your truck has had a long day too!

5 Fuel Islands

All of our fuel islands have pumps on both sides and windshield cleaning stations. Fuel desk is located right inside the door, so you can be in and out in a flash!

Certified Scale

Get it all done in one stop! While you're here, you can also take care of weighing - we make it easy to get everything checked off your list at once!


TA Repair & Maintenance

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